Re: [RML] Red Lagoon Duboulayi

Adrian Tappin (atappin at
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 06:00:25 +1000

At 03:41 13/08/99 +1000, Jennifer wrote:
>I was just wondering, Bruce. Do the Red Lagoon Duboulayi also lose their
colour when kept outdoors in pond setups- where there is a good supply of
algae and sufficient sunlight? I caught some Doublayi outside of Grafton
NSW(in Jackass Creek- one of our typically Australian names:-))- their fins
were a lovely blood-red. I put a trio in an aquarium, and they quickly lost
their colour, but those that were put in an outside pond seemed to retain
most of the red.

I think the colour is related to their diet which is probably a particular
type of algae or alternatively a small crustacean that is eating the algae
and in turn being eaten by the rainbowfish. If you could supplement their
diet with the same food then I think the colour would remain?


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