Re: [RML] Melanotaenia trifasciata

Michael Haas (michael.m.haas at
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 20:59:38 GMT

Hello Bruce,

thank you for your hints!

>In that water any of the Cape York morphs would do fine
That is a big selection :-)

> - how about Pappan
>Creekc or Ronning Creeks?
At I took a look at them.
First I noticed, that there are a lot of specificaciones about the
water conditions... ...thank you for your patience...
The morph from Pappan Creek looks monochrome green/blue is that
The picture of the Running Creek variety looks more colorfull but as
far I know it is not obtainable in Germany.
The Wenlock River trifasciata looks also very colorfull and it should
be possible to get it.

But most I like is the Giddy River trifasciata, but that one is not
from Cape York and I don't found informations about suitable water
conditions. Could you help again?