Re: [RML] eggs & snails

Wright Huntley (huntley1 at
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:56:59 -0700

"Simon, Dan" wrote:
> My current C. bleheri hatch out tank is overrun with snails and I no
> longer am getting new fry.
> Anyone know of a safe way to eradicate snails from both breeding and
> rearing tanks ?

I'd like a better answer to that one, too. Clown Loaches don't hack it
in my tanks. Copper medications can work, but are often murder on

I generally like snails in rearing tanks, for they produce infusoria
fodder with their waste (plus fairly inert pellets) and let me overfeed
with some impunity.

In breeding tanks, small ramshorn species and, I think, most pond snails
only go after freshly laid eggs. Once they harden up they seem less
eager to eat them. Not a serious study, just an impression. When I watch
closely, I can see them scarfing up new eggs. When I put them in a
hatching container with partially eyed up eggs, they don't ever seem to
eat them. YMMV.

If that is true, baiting with meat and dragging the attached snails out
early each morning, plus hand removal of those on the glass, rocks,
etc., might be enough to restore production, by just getting the number
way down..


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