Re: [RML] bloated praecox

Ed Romana (erom at
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 16:47:42 +0100

RE: Oops in the dosage of metronidazole for fish.


Below is the corrected dosage I tried.
Change from liters to gallons in my first message!!
As David Mentjes points out, metronidazole
is both a vet and prescription medication.
I think it has good activity agaist anerobes.



>>I have successfully cured "bloated fish" or dropsy
>>with prescription metronidazole.
>>Once with gold fish and once with a rainbow fish.
>>Sometimes it does not work at all.
>>The dose I tried was;
>>one 500 mg tablet in 10 gallons of water,
>>every day, for a total of 3 days.
>>fish ok, or improves, by 5th day.
>>I wonder if others have fish experience with this medication.
>>Edward Romana


>Thanks Edward and Bruce for the feedback,
>I moved the fish into a hospital
>tank with an anti bacterial medication.
>Where to get Metronidazole,
>is it prescribed by a vet or physician?
>Best regards,
>Hugo Hoekstra