[RML] commercial post--desert gobies--'mericans only

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 22:20:09 -0700 (MST)

G'day Dweebs

If any of you Yankees are interested in purchasing young Clamydogobius
eremius I have some that I want to exchange for greenbacks.

I have two populations, Hergott Bore and Coward Spring. The CS are the
typical desert goby that everyone has seen either in life or the books.
The HB have yellow on their second dorsal and anal fins instead of blue.
The CS are a little bit more attractive but the differences are not that
great. Unfortunately, females are indistinguishable. Thus, I would ask
that anyone who wants HB not give them out to anyone nilly willy to avoid
them getting mixed up with the blue strain. They should preferably be
kept by folks who will keep them pure and pass them onto similarly minded
people. The CS are basically the same as what is already floating around
the country and it's not that bigga deal if they get bred together. The
fish vary from 1/2 to 1 inch in length and are not readily sexable. $6 a
fish is my asking price plus 5 bucks postage and packaging for orders
under 10 fish. Please specify which population you are interested in.
With food and warmth they should be breeding in two months or less.

The HG were collected by myself in 1993 and shipped here in 1994 thus
making them about 4th generation. The CS were probably collected around
the same time or slightly earlier by a friend in South Australia and brought
over last year by Rooster. They would be around 4-5th generation.

If anyone is interested you had better act soon as I will only take
orders through Sunday night as all my fish are going to live elsewhere
very shortly as I won't be in the US this summer and I would prefer to post
everything out Monday. If you want more info on the fish and it's
habitats take a look at my web page listed below and/or Richard's goby page
(which I link to from my links page).


Peter J Unmack peter.unmack at asu.edu
PO Box 1454
Tempe AZ 85280-1454, USA
DESERT FISHES RULE: To boldly thrive where no other fish can make it!

Australian desert fishes pages at ozdesertfish.base.org (don't forget to
visit the Desert Fishes Council pages too)
Native Fish Australia pages at nfa.base.org (under construction)
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