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Frex (frex at
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:37:32 +1000

At 11:23 AM 4/29/97 +1000, Alan Salmon wrote:
>Alternatively, lets all order now and see if we can get Roy in the Guiness
Book of >Records for the World's Highest Excess Baggage Charge between USA
and Australia! :-)

That's not a nice thing to call Rooster! He may be Excess, but he is hardly
Baggage! ;)

(Just kidding Roy, really!)

Regards, Andrew Boyd
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"Then the time comes when it is clear nothing new or important will
be done: and one draws out the ledger and begins to itemise what
there is, of value, that can be offered to posterity. And here is
a good deed, and there an act of courage: during this year one worthy
story was told, during that decade involvement in an important social
movement. If there are babies, that is logged in. If there are books,
they are noted. Loving friends. Wives and husbands. Kindness to
small animals. A hill bearing your name. But the laurels you've counted
on, they've turned to dust."
Harlan Ellison, Introduction to "Prayers to Broken Stones"