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Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:05:53 -0600

Damn you got my attention! The e-mail problem with ANGFA will be fixed
soon.. :-) BTW

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> From: Frex <frex at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Re: [RML] for Andrew Boyd
> Date: Tuesday, April 22, 1997 7:09 AM
> Dear all, I was going to make this a private reply to Richard, to take
> whole business off-list, but there are important points that need to be
> to all subscribers about the way bouncing email is handled.
> At 07:43 PM 4/22/97 +1000, Richard wrote:
> >Hi Andrew,
> >
> >as far as I know I did not de-subscribe from the RML, did you bounce me
> >off for some wrong doing ?
> Dear Richard, congratulations, you now have my full attention! :)
> Either Alan or I desubscribed you - I am posting this as a general
> to the list to ensure that everyone knows what is happening.
> The list recieves a lot of traffic, 30, sometimes 50 messages a day.
> those 50 messages are being bounced, that is, when the list-owners (Alan
> Ford and my fine self) get a message back saying "this message
> undeliverable" for every single posting, from the postmaster of
> whomesoever's account happens to be bouncing at the time, we naturally
> notice. Picture yourself getting 50 extra emails a day. If this happens
> consistently for a week or so, we tend to bump the person off the list on
> the natural assumption that either they and/or their account no longer
> exists. There is no malice involved on our part - merely self
> The fact that your account is bouncing precludes us contacting you to let
> you know that you have been removed from the list. We do not keep records
> people desubscribed from the list for this reason to chase up in a week
> two on the off chance that their account has recommenced useful service -
> think I can safely speak for Alan here and say that we don't have the
> and could not be bothered chasing up on this. What you have to decide is
> this is what you want in a mailing list - I would hazard a guess that
> are not going to change.
> We usually get between 2-5 of the 130-odd addressees bouncing at any
> time, but rarely for a week at a stretch.
> >I did a "who" and was denied access as I was not a member. I have not
> >received any RML emails since before Easter.
> Noting that the list is quite busy usually (this varies) - if you (or
> else for that matter) have no list traffic for 2 days straight then you
> rest assured that something is going wrong, and this is the time to
> - not to the list, as replies will not get to you, but to either Alan or
> via our private addresses; ans certainly not a month after the event.
> >>For info, your cit account is bouncier than Sam Fox...
> >
> >I don't understand what you mean by the above.(I do know who S.F is)
> What you must do is apply what I said above on the matter of bounces, and
> visualise Ms Fox, and apply a little of Mr De Bono's lateral thinking.
> Drew, is that sexist enough for you?
> >>if I had replied (and frankly, I am not going to bother trolling
through my
> >>outbox after that crack...) it probably didn't reach you...
> >
> >I don't understand what you mean by the above either, my comments were
> >by no means meant to be a "crack".
> I may be speaking out of line here, I am extremely tired, but I
> a comment to all 130-odd members of the list telling everyone that I
> not reply to your emails as an affront... call me paranoid. Which I may
> well be, after all....
> >>For seconds... Rhonda did offer publicly to send you the TFH article,
> >>AFAIK you haven't responded to her otherwise you wouldn't be asking
> >>again...
> >
> >I did not get Rhonda's posting because I was not a member of the RML.
> >When I sent the posting about the TFH mag I was not a member (I thought
> >was )and so could not reply to her posting !
> Again... and this applies to everyone... no mail for 2 days means that
> are probably not on the list anymore - do check with Alan or I, huh?
> >For some reason you did not get my email regarding why I was no longer a

> >member of the RML, could you tell me why I was removed from the RML ???
> See above. Can you not, again, using what I have said above, safely
> that if we could not send list traffic to you, that you may indeed have
> some trouble successfully sending mail to us? At the time you were
> desubscribed, not recently when you posted the TFH article request to the
> Regards, Andrew Boyd
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