Re: [RML] M Lakamora

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 07:57:39 +1000

Adrian, Harro , Cary and co have commented on the "coolness'' factor

> >I believe we should keep our rainbowfish a little cooler,
> >between 22 and 25C (72 and 77F), that causes less ulcer problems and
> >does not harm the fish in any way.
> >I think many folks burn their fish out by keeping the temps too high and
> >power feeding them. This may make a great show fish quickly but will
> >also significantly shorten their life IMHO.
I have noticed that my Harvey's Ck Signifers that I raised outside in the
swimming pool in summer did 2 things -
First the adults didn't like the heat and gradually turned "geriatric" and
Second, the fry have become mature at a smaller size and are not growing to
anything like the size of their parents which is a little disappointing as
the parents were about 3 inches TL and magnificent