Re: [RML] TFH again please

Frex (frex at
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:39:31 +1000

At 10:43 AM 4/22/97 +1000, Richard wrote:
> I don't know if people replied to my posting
> on the TFH mag because I had been desubcribed
> since Easter, ( I don't know how it happened, Andrew
> has not replied to my emails)

Excuse me? Did you send me any? If anyone sends me mail, if it is a
request, I answer it. I take that seriously...

For info, your cit account is bouncier than Sam Fox... if I had replied (and
frankly, I am not going to bother trolling through my outbox after that
crack...) it probably didn't reach you...

For seconds... Rhonda did offer publicly to send you the TFH article, and
AFAIK you haven't responded to her otherwise you wouldn't be asking again...

Regards, Andrew Boyd
(Co-owner, RML)
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story was told, during that decade involvement in an important social
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