[RML] TFH again please

richard.mleczko at cit.act.edu.au
Tue, 22 Apr 97 10:43:42 +1000

I don't know if people replied to my posting
on the TFH mag because I had been desubcribed
since Easter, ( I don't know how it happened, Andrew
has not replied to my emails) anyway I am back now
so could people please answer my question again :

I recently came across a reference to the following article :

"Gobies for freshwater and brackish aquaria"

in Tropical Fish Hobbyist 1985

by R.E. Hunziker

Volume 34, no 4 ? pages 10 to 18.

Is anyone familiar with this article or do you have an old copy of it.

If anyone has it could they tell me if it is worth getting a photocopy