RE: SPAM (was Re: [RML] My other address!)

Merlin (merlin at
Sat, 05 Apr 1997 02:47:43 +1000

At 08:46 4/04/97 -0700, The Great? Unmack wrote:
>On Sat, 5 Apr 1997, Merlin wrote:
>> Why do you think I put up with the F***ing shit :-)
>Then stop whining Marlin. :-) There's just no pleasing some
>folks...... If you are a completely stupid fool when it comes to
>computers buy a Macintosh, but when you have a problem it is more
>difficult to fix. If you are half intelligent get a pc, there is
>always someone not too far away who will fix it if you have a problem. If
>you're really smart, know some geeks, and want the best multitasking get
>unix. I'm lucky, I have access to them all. :-) That's the smartest
>thing to do. :-)

Thats why i got a PC in the first place <g> I am half smart. :-)

No comments from you Rooster on that one ;)

I thought I had a geek - His name is Frex :-) Does that make me smart? :-)

Only kidding Andrew.

(I had better lock my front door, Andrew is probabaly on his way round here
right now to beat me witha wet fish... <g>)

aka by Unmack as Marlin...

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