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rhondawi at
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 20:27:25 -0700

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, "Cameron Bee" <fishboy at> wrote:
>Two weeks aggo, i bought some Bumble Bee gobies while I was in Canberra.
>they spawned yesterday and layed about 60 eggs on a rock and by the
>afternoon they had eaten the lot!

I've been trying to get my bumble bees to spawn for some time, well they
have but I haven't gotten any fry yet.

>Firstly, does anyone know how to sex them?
>2nd, do these fish lay white eggs or are they just unfertilized, hence
>3 do they guard eggs like desert gobies?
>any infoo on these fish would be appreciated.

This is what mine have done. I find they tend to spawn after a week or so of
heavy feeding, and then a water change. The male tends to get really pale
and tries to entice one of my two females into the pvc pipes that I have for
them. Some times the females aren't interested right away, sometimes they
will get interested right about the time the male losses interest, but then
another heavy water change seems to get him back in the mood. After they
spawn the male guards the eggs and I removed the females but I haven't
gotten much beyond that point.

The last time the eggs lasted almost a week and there were clearly
developing fry but the male lost interest or something and the snails came
in and ate them all, maybe they died and then the male lost interest. I'm
not really sure.

As for sexing them the male is more slender and females are fatter, my male
pales when he is wanting to spawn. My male also goes into the pvc's and the
females really don't hang around in them the way he does. They also look to
me like they have an ovipositer. Maybe you can sex them the same way you do
cichlids, but honestly I can't really see the difference between mine that
way, even though I know which is the males and felmales. They are awfully

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