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I heard it was 8 hours, but that was yesterday.....

GET IT !!!! ;)


At 03:24 PM 4/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>How long a drive is it to Melbourne for you?
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>> At 07:58 AM 4/8/97 -0600, Rooster wrote:
>> >So what is this MUD list???
>> There are some sick people out there, Roy, and some of them make Multi User
>> Dungeons, Multi User Shared Hallucinations, MUD Oriented Objects, and MUCKs
>> for other like-minded sick folks to play in... there is some really wierd
>> stuff happening out there... :) Sometimes, an innocent party (such as
>> myself) stumbles across addresses to such places... out of purely academic
>> interest, naturally ;P
>> >BTW how long of a drive is it to Brisbane for you guys?
>> About 14 hours or so, realistically, with breaks... Why do you ask, Two
Dogs? :)
>> Regards, Andrew
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