Re: RE: SPAM (was Re: [RML] My other address!)

SBuckel at
Sat, 5 Apr 1997 01:12:02 -0500 (EST)

I remember the days when there were lots of standard features on a Mac that
either cost lots extra or completely unavailable. I really liked the way
that pragrams worked well together. But I guess the PC world has finally
almost caught up. I think that Win95 isn't not as stable as a Mac in my
experience especially dealing with networks. I rather deal with NT than

But I'm one of those people who use computers as tools - if it does the job
with little to no hassles the machine is worth using. Anyone who says that
Macs are substandard machines obviously hasn't used a Mac.

BTW Cary Apple still supports Macs - they just can't make good financial
descisions - hopefully they will start making money again to keep the various
Windows OS's honest and moving forward.