[RML] RE: SPAM Winshit '95 appreciation club : -)

Merlin (merlin at macrae.com.au)
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 08:50:52 +1000

Oh yes please Harro.

Can I be a foundation member? <g>

I don't recall hating anything nearly as much as I do Windoze '95. I have
been known to be rather passionate at times (too passionate for some) and I
really *do hate* Winshit '95 with a passion. } :-)

Who else for this club?


At 22:45 3/04/97 +0100, Harro wrote:
>Shouldn't we start to create a Winshit '95 hate club? I appeal
>for membership!
>>Unfortunately unlike you Alan S. some things have to change :-)
>>I shudder at thought of ever touching Windoze '95 ever again though.
>>Oh yeah, thanks for turning up to the ANGFA ACT meeting tonight. I do
>>realise you do have other commitments. ;)
>At 09:44 3/04/97 +1000, Alan Salmon wrote:
>>Isn't the obvious obvious in this case ... don't make changes :-)
>>I must really thank Andrew for giving up the best part of yesterday to
>>assist me in my hour (s) of need. Needless to say every time I or Andrew
>>attempt any changes to Windows '95 on my machine it damn well crashes.
>>Andrew reckons I need to spend a couple of thou and buy a newer model PC -
>merlin at mail.macrae.com.au
merlin at mail.macrae.com.au