RE: [RML] Re: Cyclop-eeze rainbowfish diet

Julie Zeppieri (bowluvr at
Tue, 12 Apr 2005 16:01:39 -0700

I've never seen a bow go after Black Bottle Brush algaes, sadly. Also, if
you want to keep your plants safe, you should be sure they get their greens
in what you *feed* them and not just rely on what's in the tank. This may
make them a bit lazy, but better than them eating the leaves off your Myaca
or something.

You may want to employ a crew of Amano or other algae-eating shrimps as a
backup. That and the shrimps are pretty cool critters in their own right. If
you use SAEs to keep the black algae down, be aware they will go after your
fine-leaved plants as well, especially when they are larger. I am not aware
of another critter that will eat the black algae, and I have had bad results
with chemical controls for this -- rare fish died and it was not pretty.
:-( I no longer trust chemical controls for black algae. Hopefully, you
will not have problems with black algae and it will all be a moot point.

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>Subject: [RML] Re: Cyclop-eeze rainbowfish diet
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>In light of their affinity for filamentous algae, would you say that a
>planted aquarium can be kept (relatively) algae-free using nothing but
>a group of rainbows? I've always kept other algae eaters in the same
>tank with rainbows, but if it's not necessary I'll discontinue that