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Mach Fukada (fukada at
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 21:24:30 -1000

Sent fish for Wright this way. If it works I got a good way to send
furcatus. 6-9 young ones in a breathing bag. But they might have some
problems being in a box with cool water from bags of moina and white
clouds... Wright let me know when you get the box and how things look.

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> I am sooo tired of bagging fish and plants. I decided since I didn't
> have to deal with weight issues, I put the fish in large breathing bags
> with about a quart and a half of water in each, with 6 livebearer fry in
> each. Now I just have to finish my labels. Sigh, going to conventions is
> hard work. :)
> Rhonda
> Gary Lange wrote:
> >
> > If you haven't done your water changes before bagging and didn't stop
> > feeding your fish you might be better off taking water with you OR at
> > some seasalt. The water in SF proper is very soft, like 80 ppm GH and a
> > KH to boot. Change your fish from your Arizona rock water to SF RO
> > and you'll melt their gills. Fish seem to go from soft to hard much
> > but that's the toughest going from hard to soft. I check when I get new
> > fish and if the water is harder they get 8 hours in the bucket with a
> > line. If you've done your water changes and haven't fed your fish for
24 hr
> > then just bring a little salt and dechlor and cross your fingers.
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> > gary lange
> >
> > ps taking pics of a 7 footer (200 gal) is really tough with 100 ASA
> > slidefilm as the fish move w/o flash. You can't use flash to expose that
> > of a surface. It looks like 800 ASA print film will do it though. At 3
> > watts/gallon, using 220 watts under A/H reflectors it's pretty bright.
> >
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