[RML] Your thoughts on wild caught food

william taylor (wtaylor at austin.rr.com)
Sat, 7 Apr 2001 15:37:54 -0500

I have heard t it recommended that there is no better food than wild caught
worms, daphnia, etc., etc. However, I have also heard that it could be
dangerous because of fertilizers, pesticides, and foreign parasites.

I have fed my fish blood worms and earthworms from my garden with reluctance
a few times a year. Thus far no casualties have occurred and I would really
like to increase the frequency of feeding these home grown worms to them
since they are in such an abundance in my garden.. Do you think its safe?
I can tell you that I have never seen my bows so aggresive and competitive
for food as when there are live worms in the tank. They often will chase
whoever grabbed a worm and still has a bit sticking out of his mouth.

Also, what other creatures from the garden might make good food? What about
ants? Bows eat ants in the wild but I have heard that its not the best food
because of the heard exoskeleton of the ant and also the formic acid in
them? How about aphids, I've got millions of aphids on my roses and I'd
much rather feed them to my fish than spray them with something?

Also, when I go digging for worms, I also find very small white worms in the
soil. They are usually less than a centimeter. I fed them to my fry once
and they seemed to love them. Are they white worms, glass worms, tubifex???
Would you recommend feeding them to the fry?


Bill Taylor