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That's a very easy one. That is the cross in N.A. that's known as the "Red
boesemani" or in the past, the royal rainbowfish. Note the crook in the
nose, a Glossolepis characteristic. Pretty mean fish. An adult is shown at
the RSG's website, under Rainbowfish photo gallery, then Photo hall of
shame, red boesemani.
it's a pretty fish, but the next generation doesn't look right. I had
originally been told that the next generation was infertile but later
reports have said that it is fertile, so that isn't going to be a good
method. I would suggest labeling them as a rainbowfish cross so that your
members know what they are getting. In the past I and others have noted
that they are mean as h*ll.

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We are fostering some rainbows for our aquarium society.
They bought them (and a bunch of other fish) for a special auction
on Sunday.

One of the other members has these fish (they were boughten
from a large aquarium store in another city)...Anyways, they were
boughten under the name of "Orange Rainbows"..and when we
asked the member that has them, he told us that the shop told him
that they were M. trifasciata. When I called the store and asked
for the species name, and told the manager my story, he told me
that they are NOT trifascuatas, but his order list showed them as
being M. splendidas, but he did not have a sub species.

Anyways, I dont want to see these fish being sold as tri's.
They really are a stunning fish, and I would buy them myself, but I
dont really want to keep anything "scrub" in my tanks...

If you could please go to
and use the email link there to reply with, I would be forever
grateful. My email server is down, so I can only send out mail, I
cannot recieve.

Thanks, Shamus Page
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