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Shamus' pictures certainly aren't "Trifasciatas" - and they certainly aren't
I couldn't send a reply to his site.

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> We are fostering some rainbows for our aquarium society.
> They bought them (and a bunch of other fish) for a special auction
> on Sunday.
> One of the other members has these fish (they were boughten
> from a large aquarium store in another city)...Anyways, they were
> boughten under the name of "Orange Rainbows"..and when we
> asked the member that has them, he told us that the shop told him
> that they were M. trifasciata. When I called the store and asked
> for the species name, and told the manager my story, he told me
> that they are NOT trifascuatas, but his order list showed them as
> being M. splendidas, but he did not have a sub species.
> Anyways, I dont want to see these fish being sold as tri's.
> They really are a stunning fish, and I would buy them myself, but I
> dont really want to keep anything "scrub" in my tanks...
> If you could please go to
> and use the email link there to reply with, I would be forever
> grateful. My email server is down, so I can only send out mail, I
> cannot recieve.
> Thanks, Shamus Page
> Shamus Page
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