RE: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

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Fri, 28 Apr 2000 19:11:15 -0700

Thanks - this helps a lot. What I have is exactly as dave described and I'll
try his fix. I moved a batch of m. boesemani fry from a 10g rearing tank to
another tank so I now have a cycled hospital tank at my disposal. I've also
been gradually moving healthy fish out from the affected tank. I've not yet
begun the antibiotic treatment since I'm away from home this week and didn't
want to do a partial antibiotic run, but I'll get that started in a few

ph, kh, and nitrates (to a lesser degree) have been under control, and my
changes are frequent (usually weekly) but small (10%ish). Fish load in that
29G tank when i first saw symptoms was 6 small and medium m. boesemani, 2 m.
praecox, 2 c. siamensis (SAE), a small botia loach (yoyo maybe?), and a
dwarf plecostamus. I've since moved two of the healthy boesemanis to another
tank that recently came online. I've had no other recent disease problems.

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> This is a little late but hopefully you can make some use of it. At the
> last FOTAS (Fed of Texax Aquarium Societies) convention I got the
> opportunity to hear Dave speak on fish diseases. I thought he
> had mentioned
> something about the white spots on fish eyes but I couldn't
> remember what he
> had said so I forwarded your message. Thought I would have been
> alerted if
> he had said something about TB but I guess I missed it. Eric in your
> original message you didn't say anything about just how much of a water
> change you do or what sort of a fish load you have on the tank. With that
> soft water of yours you can get a pH bounce. I would also suggest doing
> several weekly 50% water changes if you aren't close to that now. If you
> have a planted tank obviously you should remove them before
> adding that much
> salt. Probably any corys too. Hope they clear up for you.
> gary lange
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> >Hi Gary,
> >Good to hear from you. When are you going to go on one of my Peruvian
> Amazon
> >fish collecting trips??????
> >If these white spots look like what I think they do, they are usually the
> result
> >of infections of the cornea secondary to injury from poor water
> conditions.
> They
> >start as a cloudiness, then seem to grow a pimple in the center of the
> white
> >area, and then the pimple seems to burst and crater. I would check the
> water
> >quality for pH and nitrates, do a big water change, clean filters
> (particularly
> >if they are long neglected undergravel type). Then move affected
> fishes to
> a
> >separate tank with a well conditioned sponge filter, 1 tbs. salt
> per gallon
> and
> >an antibiotic that will not destroy biological filtration. I
> like Furan-2.
> >
> >This is a different condition than what I think that I spoke
> about. What I
> >mentioned was a pimple developing in the soft tissue of the orbit around
> the
> >eye, and sometimes at the bases of fins. This is fish TB, or
> mycobacteriosis and
> >untreatable.
> >By the way, I am the on-line freshwater fish "Expert" for
> Anyone
> >can send me a question and I will answer it within 72 hours. Write me at
> ><freshwater at>.
> >Cheers!
> >Dave Schleser
> >
> >Gary Lange wrote:
> >
> >> Hey Dave,
> >>
> >> After seeing this email posted on the rainbowfish mail list I thought I
> >> remembered you talking about it down in Dallas. I've seen it
> before and
> I
> >> could have sworn you mentioned it in your talk, but I couldn't remember
> what
> >> to do for it. If it sounds like an easy answer please blip me back and
> I'll
> >> post it, crediting you. I also want to know if it affects my fish the
> next
> >> time. Usually I've seen it when water quality has been a little lax.
> >>
> >>
> >> cheers,
> >>
> >> gary lange
> >>
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> >> Date: Monday, April 17, 2000 4:28 PM
> >> Subject: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani
> >>
> >> >Several, but not all, of my m. bosemanis have developed white spots in
> the
> >> middle
> >> >of their eyes. others of the same species and other species
> (m. praecox,
> >> cross.
> >> >siamensis) in the same tank do not show any problems.
> >> >
> >> >Any idea what this is and how to treat? As soon as a move a
> batch of fry
> >> from
> >> >one of my smaller tanks I'll have a tank available to use as
> a hispital
> >> tank
> >> >for the affected fish.
> >> >
> >> >Also, is there anyone on this list from the Seattle, WA, USA area?
> >> >
> >> >
> >