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Mon, 24 Apr 2000 21:02:23 -0500

I only have two tanks in my fishroom that don't have covers. They are newer
tanks and when I got the glass cut they cut it a bit big. My brother, has
one of those wonderful glass grinders so the next time I see him my fishroom
will be completely fitted. I keep everything with covers from A) my old
killifish habit and B) my rainbowfish habit. Know what you call rainbowfish
keepers that don't keep lids on their tanks???

Cichlid keepers :-)

guess I could keep the water level lower but then I would need to do water
changes more often!

Looking back at that photograph of that female in the AFM article I was sort
of disturbed that she didn't have a really good black line on her anal fin.
Going back to some of my earlier photos from years ago (totally fuzzy and
useless) I noticed that the females had a very sharp demarcation and a very
sharp crisp black line. All of them that I saw at the time had very sharp
black lines. I also noticed that the red lines in the body (both sexes) had
a certain very regular pattern to them. These fish aren't nearly as
precise. Back some 10 years ago there were two "populations" of peacock
gudgeons in the US. One was much brighter than the other and was touted to
being a strain from "The Netherlands". Lost that one too, and it was a much
more brilliant color. I'm afraid what has happened with such a prolific
fish is that the hobbyist hasn't always paid close attention to culling the
stock and it's led to a fish that isn't as nice looking as the original. I
will be on the lookout for anything that is brighter in the future. I
wonder if anyone is collecting in that part or Papua? Time to send Heiko
back :-) Meantime I will keep a sharp eye on the pH. I feed my peacocks
live baby brine shrimp, daphnia, when available, and chopped frozen

gary lange

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>I found 3 things were important to Peacocks - a good tight cover glass (I
>lost more from jumping out than all other causes combined), pH (neutral to
>above) and food ( they are carnivores and seem to need live or at least
>Also remember that they are territorial so enough space and cover helps -
>BTW it always was interesting to see how variable the amount of black in
>females anal fin could be. This is usually the earliest sex difference to
>become evident - just occasionally there is none and you need to rely on
>body shape, fin size, colour etc and you need more mature fish for that.
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