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I recieved these two emails this week. I can't do them because I don't
have the plants, don't have a fish with those diseases, or keep
goldfish, and I can't take very good slides. :) I asked if they wanted
me to forward this and they said ok. So I thought one of you on one of
these lists might be able to. I think I'm sending them both.



Harijs Priekulis wrote: > > Rhonda, > > So far, the response has been very low. I would like to see a few samples of photography for each request, so I could use the best version. I would appreciate if you would send this list to your fellow aquarium friends. We do have high standards, and would want to see only good slides. We prefer originals rather than copies. I would provide our FedEx number if these people have the photos we need, and if they would agree to the terms of the contract that I included below. > > Thanks, > Harry > > Delivery of your photograph(s) to Meredith will indicate acceptance of the rates and sample contract with its stated terms and conditions set forth below. > Contact Harry Priekulis (Assistant Art Director) 515-284-3848 about questions regarding the rates and contract. Fax 515-284-2320 or E-mail: hpriekul at mdp.com > > Rates > $800 - cover of book $175 - 3/4 up to 1 page > $400 - full two pages $150 - 1/2 up to 3/4 page > $300 - 1 1/2 up to two pages $135 - 1/4 up to 1/2 page > $200 - full page up to 1 1/2 pages $125 - up to 1/4 page > > Photography One Time Publication Rights (Stock Photography) > > Publisher - Meredith Corporation, 1716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023, its legal assigns, successors and representatives. > > Photographer: (NAME) > > SSN or TAX ID:___________________________________________ > > Photograph(s) contracted for: > > The Work (title): ______________________________________________ > > Compensation: $____________________________ > > ____________________________________________________________ > > The Publisher and Photographer agree as follows: > > 1. Photographer assigns to Publisher the following rights with respect to the photograph(s): > > a. The non-exclusive one-time worldwide right to publish the photograph(s) in the English Language editions of the Work, including any reprints of the Work (new editions of the Work do not fall under this Agreement); > > b. The right to crop and otherwise alter and edit the photograph(s), as the Publisher deems appropriate; > > c. The ongoing, non-exclusive right to publish the photograph(s) for promotional purposes related to the Work; > > d. The ongoing, non-exclusive right to publish the photograph(s) in foreign editions of the Work. Compensation for such use shall be a pro rata share of a ten (10) percent royalty of the money received by Meredith Corporation for the Work; > > e. The ongoing, non-exclusive right to publish the photograph(s) in connection with reprinting the Work or portions of the Work for the purposes of binding the Work or substantial portions of the Work in a compilation with other similar works without changing the context of the photograph(s) in the Work. Compensation for such use shall be a pro rata share of a ten (10) percent royalty of the money received by Meredith Corporation for the Work; > > f. The ongoing, non-exclusive right to publish the photograph(s) in the Work and publish, transmit or distribute the Work in any new or electronic media, whether now known or developed in the future. Compensation for such use shall be a pro rata share of a ten (10) percent royalty of the money received by Meredith Corporation for the Work. > > 2. Photographer represents and warrants that the photograph(s) are Photographer's original, that the Photographer has the right to sell the images, that publication of the photograph(s) will not infringe upon any other person's copyright or other rights, and that the Photographer has obtained all model releases and waivers of rights necessary to ensure compliance with this Paragraph 2. Photographer agrees to indemnify and hold Publisher harmless in the event of any breach of these representations. Photographer agrees to cooperate in the defense of any legal action which may be brought against > Publisher arising from the publication of the Photographer's work. > > 3. Meredith is not obligated to publish the Work or the Photography produced pursuant to this Agreement. > > 4. Meredith shall credit you, as Meredith deems appropriate, as photographer in the Work in which > your photograph(s) are published. > > 5. Meredith shall pay Photographer within a reasonable time after submission of a signed contract, but not later than thirty (30) days from such submission. > > 6. Publisher shall reimburse Photographer for any loss or damage caused by it to the material provided by Photographer. Such reimbursement shall be based on the fair and reasonable value of any lost or damaged item. > > 7. Publisher is not responsible for photograph(s) until actual receipt. Photographic outtakes will be returned to Photographer within sixty (60) days, unless an extension is granted. > > 8. Photographer is an independent contractor and not an employee of Publisher. > > 9. This Agreement represents the entire Agreement of the parties and supersedes any prior agreement oral or written, any change to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties. Any subsequent or former writing provided by Photographer and asserted to be an agreement or contract by the Photographer shall be superceded by this Agreement and is not enforceable. Any agreed upon terms must be included in this Agreement. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Iowa. > > ___________________________ _________________________ > Photographer Meredith Corporation > > ___________________________ _________________________ > Address: Date > ___________________________ > > ___________________________ > DateReceived: by mail.ahnet.net (mbox 36684.gupp) (with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.31 1998/05/13) Fri Apr 14 09:00:05 2000) X-From_: default at mdp.com Fri Apr 14 08:52:52 2000 Return-Path: <default at mdp.com> Delivered-To: 36684.gupp at mail.ahnet.net Received: from chuckie.mdp.com (chuckie.mdp.com []) by mail.ahnet.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 8151D5FDD for <gupp at naturalaquariums.com>; Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:52:49 -0700 (PDT) Received: from mdp.com (meredith4 []) by chuckie.mdp.com (8.9.2/8.9.2) with ESMTP id KAA04772 for <gupp at naturalaquariums.com>; Fri, 14 Apr 2000 10:31:30 -0500 (CDT) Message-ID: <38F7496E.5A3F3D3 at mdp.com> Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 10:38:23 -0600 From: Default User <default at mdp.com> Reply-To: default at mdp.com Organization: Meredith Corporation X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.51 (Macintosh; U; PPC) X-Accept-Language: en MIME-Version: 1.0 To: gupp at naturalaquariums.com Subject: acquiring slides Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; x-mac-type="54455854"; x-mac-creator="4D4F5353" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000

Ortho books is producing a book on Water Gardening. We are in need of four slides. Usage fee is $125 for each. 1. Plant portrait or combination shot of lavender musk (Mimulus ringens or/and alatus. 2. Plant or flower portrait of an Ohga lotus. 3. Portrait of a sick fish, koi or goldfish with "pine cone" disease or popeye, or other type of fish with ulcers. 4. Tight shot of a school of guppies (from the side).

If you cannot provide these slides, might you know someone who could help us.

Thanks, Harry Priekulis Assistant Art Director Ortho Books

My e-mail: hpriekul at mdp.com