RE: [RML] Re: I.D. anyone?

Jack Betz (jackbetz at
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 17:14:24 -0400

I think it looks more like a Bedotia sp. than a Melanotaenia sp. If the
angle was a bit different, I think the red spots on the rear outside edges
of the tail would be more visible. With the angle and lighting in this photo
the spots are "just" visible. The black midline stripe also runs completely
through the tail as in B. geayi.

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> Hi, could you please have a look at the fish in the following url and tell
> me what you think it is? A friend of mine took the pic at a zoo in the
> States, and it was in a Madagascan exhibit. Just looked like an Aussie to
> me, except for maybe the mouth area.
Thanks very much :)