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Ken Boorman (boorman_ken at
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 01:00:57 +1000

Hi all.
That pic I posted was taken at the San Antonio zoo in Texas. I
originally thought pygmae/fluvie cross or something similar. As I said, it
just didn't look right to me, especially in a Madagascan exhibit. Thanks for
your input :)
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> What zoo/aquarium was this? Chances are I'll have a contact that can get
> better look at it. The "tri-color" Bedotia has a really long anal fin
> that fish but it also has a lot of the gold/ black and reds in the anal
> The B. longinalis, both the yellow fin and the orange fin variety look
> different than the geayi/madagarensis. The newer one, "white-finned" has
> different look with a lot of white in the fins plus white splotches on the
> body. From my understanding Rosario LaCorte has everything that has been
> brought into the country by Loiselle. There is a Canadian fellow that was
> exploiting some collections, perhaps he brought in something different.
> of the madagascars I've seen still look very slim, even if they are 6
> in length. That fish looked like it had the body height of something like
> fluvie or duboulayi, or <something in between>. Please ask your friend
> where this is and we'll have to check it out. Is Alexias xxx still on the
> RML? He does or used to have some connection with the Denver zoo/aquarium
> out there. Maybe he knows something.
> Gary Lange
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