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What zoo/aquarium was this? Chances are I'll have a contact that can get a
better look at it. The "tri-color" Bedotia has a really long anal fin like
that fish but it also has a lot of the gold/ black and reds in the anal fin.
The B. longinalis, both the yellow fin and the orange fin variety look very
different than the geayi/madagarensis. The newer one, "white-finned" has a
different look with a lot of white in the fins plus white splotches on the
body. From my understanding Rosario LaCorte has everything that has been
brought into the country by Loiselle. There is a Canadian fellow that was
exploiting some collections, perhaps he brought in something different. All
of the madagascars I've seen still look very slim, even if they are 6 inches
in length. That fish looked like it had the body height of something like a
fluvie or duboulayi, or <something in between>. Please ask your friend
where this is and we'll have to check it out. Is Alexias xxx still on the
RML? He does or used to have some connection with the Denver zoo/aquarium
out there. Maybe he knows something.

Gary Lange
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>Hi, could you please have a look at the fish in the following url and tell
>me what you think it is? A friend of mine took the pic at a zoo in the
>States, and it was in a Madagascan exhibit. Just looked like an Aussie to
>me, except for maybe the mouth area.
>Thanks very much :)