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Thu, 20 Apr 2000 09:48:59 +1100

I was with Bruce when we pulled these blue eyes from the area where
Eurimbula Ck flows into Bustard Bay (I think). I was pretty much pure salt
water and the fish were large (slightly over 2 inches from memory). Now
Eurimbula Ck is the system immediately north of Deepwater Ck. It pretty
much flows northish, while Deepwater flows south. I believe both systems
have their headwaters beginning in the same hills east of Miriam Vale.

I have caught signifer from a small swamp that flowed into Deepwater Ck
near the causeway that crosses it. These are "classic" signifer similar to
those caught further south. If anything they are a bit more yellow than
those out of the Brisbane River etc.

I have 2 males and 4 females if anybody wants to have a look or have a go
at breeding. My hands are full with breeding gertrudae and trying to hatch
these pygmae that I am having no success with :-(.


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At 07:20 19/04/00 +1000, BH wrote:
>We caught some of those "Townsville" types of signifers (with the big pale
>fins and blue flash on the rear 1/2 of the body) down as far as the mouth
>?Eurymbala Creeh just north of 1770 so they seem to pretty wide spread.

Adrian Dawson asked me about the 1770 specimens and I told him I had not
seen them. It may be that the "Townsville" variety exist between Bundaberg
(or Gladstone) north to Townsville. Signifer from Innisfail north are the
"Northern" variety?

Adrian R. Tappin
Brisbane, Australia.
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