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Sorry I wasn't there Peter

I asked Peter Surmon who was and apparently Amiee and Steve Brooks were
having the same problem as others with this species - falling egg numbers
and poor fertility.

Then acting on a suggestion from Adrian Tappin and others they decided that
water parameters might be the problem and tried to elevate the carbonate
hardness with considerable success. In fact the early attempts which could
be described as "uncontrolled" and involved liberal additions of unmeasured
amounts of "kH up" had no adverse effects on the breeders and produced an
almost immediate improvement in perfprmance. When the KH was measured it was
very high indeed. Since then it has been monitored and kept at lower levels
with continuing success.

It will be interesting to see what the kH at the springs is when next
someone get a chance to get out there. It is logical when one considers that
the springs chemistry is based "soda".

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> On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Bruce Hansen wrote:
> > exciting "breakthrough" news on breeding success with Red-finned
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> > > What might the breakthrough be on red-fin blue-eye?
> Perhaps someone who was at the meeting would like to share what it was
> the rest of us?
> Peter