Re: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

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Check your water and see if it has become too acid on the pH scale. White
eye is sometimes a response by fish that need alkaline conditions, it can
also be from injuries against rocks etc if there is just one fish affected.
It will often respond to water changes and the addition of salt. I think
there may also be the possibility of secondary infection after the initial
damage by conditions.

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Subject: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

> Several, but not all, of my m. bosemanis have developed white spots in the
> of their eyes. others of the same species and other species (m. praecox,
> siamensis) in the same tank do not show any problems.
> Any idea what this is and how to treat? As soon as a move a batch of fry
> one of my smaller tanks I'll have a tank available to use as a hispital
> for the affected fish.