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We caught some of those "Townsville" types of signifers (with the big pale
fins and blue flash on the rear 1/2 of the body) down as far as the mouth of
?Eurymbala Creeh just north of 1770 so they seem to pretty wide spread.

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> On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Adrian Tappin wrote:
> > I noticed that in the Melanotaenia Tree you listed some splendida from
> > Calliope River. Did you happen to collect any P. signifer from there?
> >
> > They look more like the Townsville variety to me?
> We got some, but we were some ways upstream of the mouth. The Townsville
> ones tend to be in the estuary, or extreme lower reaches as I understand
> I don't especially remember then being out of the ordinary, but then again
> don't tend to look real close at them in the field. Specimens are in the
> Australian or Queensland Museum. Can't be of more help than that I'm