Re: [RML] White spots on eyes of m. bosemani

Eric Johnson (etj at
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 14:58:23 +0800

>Check your water and see if it has become too acid on the pH scale. White
>eye is sometimes a response by fish that need alkaline conditions,

I check pH very often and in that tank it is always 7.0-7.4, so that probably
isn't it. I do weekly partial water changes. No measurable ammonia. Nitrates
are a little higher than I'd normally prefer.

>it can
>also be from injuries against rocks etc if there is just one fish affected.

This has affected several, but not all, of my boesemanis. Strangely, its only
the right eye in each of them.

>It will often respond to water changes and the addition of salt. I think

I'll try salt - i haven't added salt to this tank in a long time. Do rainbowfish
tolerate a salt dip? I've used that occasionally on parasitic infections, but
I'm not convinced this isn't fungal or bacterial. In any event, they have been
like this for weeks, so it is certainly slow-growing.

>there may also be the possibility of secondary infection after the initial

>damage by conditions.

I've found these to be pretty tolerant of medicines. I think i'll treat for
parasites first and see if it clear up, then maybe try an antibiotic.

Thanks for your advice.