Re: [RML] No Hardyheads & Tiger Scats :-(

Bruce Hansen (bruceh at
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 06:14:51 +1000

You should find the hardyheads from most streams north of Brisbane e.g. Pine
Rivers, around Gympie, Amamoor etc and the tiger scats in the estuarine
parts of any of the coastal streams Dennis - just keep on looking :-)

Purple-spotted Gudgeons are in there with the hardyheads - keep pushing that
frame-net through the leaf-litter and plants.

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Subject: [RML] No Hardyheads & Tiger Scats :-(

> Ok,who's hidden the fly-specked hardyheads and Tiger Scat.
> I've found almost everything in SE Qld Ive looked for
> But I can't find these guys (or purple-spotted gudgeons)