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You guys in the states are very lucky to have even limited access to these
interesting new fishes - here in Australia the bureaucrats are still
undecided about an agreed mechanism for assessing new species for possible
approval for importation.

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> It will probably take the commercial channels years to figure out that
> is a "new" madagascar out there. That's really the way we like it as in
> US they are all too stupid to keep them separate. Just look what they've
> done to the NG and australian rainbowfish. I wouldn't put Bedotia in the
> same tank and expect them not to cross. Some of these might end up being
> listed as new species where others will just be another "river" variety.
> Hopefully the collectors will start labeling them by their river locations
> soon. News is that each river has a slightly different variety. I keep
> hearing about "bright blue ones" but none of those have been able to make
> out of the country alive yet. The next couple of years could be a very
> interesting time for these fish.
> gary lange