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Darrell Edwards (vk2mna at
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 11:14:09 +1000

Thanks Matthew. It's only shallow ,about 30cm, with a 60cm diameter hole
about 60cm deep in the centre where I have planted the water lilies. There
is no filtration or water flow and yes a certain amount of small leaves do
blow into the pond but not what I would call excessive. It is only a
plastic lined pond so as you can see I didn't spend a lot on it :-)
I do not feed the fish at all.
Thanks also Adrian for that comprehensive info.

Cheers, Darrell

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> Darrell,
> Can you give us some more info about the pond. Is it deep? How is it
> Is there any water flow or filtration? Is there vegetation that drops
> (nutrients) into the pond? Do you have pond snails? Have you been feeding
> the fish?
> Waterflow and filtration can help reduce algae growth and it helps to
> localise what growth does occur to make it easier to remove.
> Deeper ponds have more "sink" capacity and are more stable than shallower
> ponds.
> The algae probably formed the spawning medium for your Blue-eyes and would
> act as excellent cover for the fry. The spawning season should now have
> finished so if you can find a simple way to remove the algae you should
> an excellent means of removing excess nutrients from the pond.
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> >
> > I would be pleased if someone could give some advice on pond
> > I
> > have a small pond about 2M X 1M. I initially stocked it with 2 pairs of
> > P.signifer about 2 months ago . There are now approx. 2 dozen fry of
> > various
> > ages (probably more). I have water lilies and a native (I think) type of
> > ribbon weed growing in it. Up until now, probably because of the heavy
> > rains
> > over the last months, it has remained reasonably clear but now the algae
> > is
> > getting very thick and starting to choke the pond. I have flushed it a
> > couple of times with a couple garbage tins of water (treated of course)
> > but
> > it doesn't help much. It was built in January. Is it best to leave it
> > alone and it will reach it's own equilibrium or are there certain steps
> > should take? Perhaps the thick algae is beneficial? It doesn't get full
> > sun
> > all day but maybe 50%. My location is Maitland NSW.
> > Any advice appreciated. Thankyou.
> >
> > Cheers, Darrell
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