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Can you recommend THE best illustrated book on Natives so I can #1 look up
the scientific name that members use & #2 when I visit Aquarium Shops I can
find what your talking about ( most don't know which end of a Rainbow is
do you have fish you'd like to sell?

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> Dennis,
> It's "Anybody" here.
> I wouldn't attempt to keep Blue-eyes or even Rhads with the larger
> Melanotania unless you are using a very large (>400L) tank that is very well
> planted. The stress on the Blue-eyes can be too much, even if the rainbows
> are not acting aggressively. Rhads usually look their best when they are the
> largest fish in the tank.
> Also I wouldn't keep Pacific Blue-eyes and Rhads together. Their water
> quality requirements are too different for the long term health of both even
> though they may do well together for a year or so.
> If you still wish to have multiple local species together then I would
> suggest the following.
> * Rhads with Honey Blue-eye.
> * Pacific Blue-eye with Marjories Hardyhead and/or Large-mouth Goby.
> * M. duboulayi with Empire gudgeon.
> These combinations will live peacefully together even in reasonably small
> tanks and there is no risk of cross breeding if you manage to get some eggs
> from the fish.
> M. trifasciata are far too large and intimidating to keep with most of the
> species you have suggested (unless you have those huge tanks with lots of
> plants).
> If you don't just want to keep local things together then you could try M.
> maccullochi with Rhads.
> Most serious hobbyists have at least some tanks that house just a single
> species and if you are really serious then you have multiple tanks/ponds for
> the one species.
> Good luck
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>> What I wish to do is have tanks set up with fish from varios areas EG-
>> tank #1 Gold Coast: Redcheek bows, pacific blue eyes, redfin rads, empire
>> gudgeons
>> tank #2 Sunshine Coast: Tincanbay duboulayi and blue fin Rads
>> Tank #3 Cairns: M.s.splendida M. maccullochi, M. trifasciata,
>> Cairnsichthys
>> rhombosomoides, and Pseudomugil spp.
>> Tank #4 M.Fluviatilis and ?
>> Tank #5 Archers, scats (Smaller sp) (are the smaller Archers easy to
>> obtain?
>> Maybe one for NT another for the Cape and one for NG
>> Where do the other Pseudomugils' come from?
>> Also will Melanotaeniidae cross breed even if there are eg male & female
>> duboulayi and male & female M.Fluviatilis in the same tank?
>> Who can I get to help?
>> Do many mambers sell fish or tanks?
>> Will fish breed in mixed spec tanks
>> Dennis