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> What I wish to do is have tanks set up with fish from varios areas EG-
> tank #1 Gold Coast: Redcheek bows, pacific blue eyes, redfin rads, empire
> gudgeons

no problems - you might find the empires eat the blue-eyes and nip some
fins - depends on their size relative to the others and how well you feed

> tank #2 Sunshine Coast: Tincanbay duboulayi and blue fin Rads

you might consider adding Honey blue-eyes and perhaps Olive perchlet

> Tank #3 Cairns: M.s.splendida M. maccullochi, M. trifasciata,
> rhombosomoides, and Pseudomugil spp.

The blue-eyes up there may be signifers or gertrudaes

> Tank #4 M.Fluviatilis and ?

You could consider other tankmates like hardyheads, smelt galaxids and
smaller gudgeons

> Tank #5 Archers, scats (Smaller sp) (are the smaller Archers easy to

You could also add monos - all are available regularly from aquarium shops

> Maybe one for NT another for the Cape and one for NG
> Where do the other Pseudomugils' come from?

P. tenellus comes from a few places on Cape York and around Darwin, P.
gertrudae fron NQ and NT, P. cyanodorsalis and P. inconspicuus from
marine/estuarine areas in WA, NT and the Gulf, the rest from PNG

> Also will Melanotaeniidae cross breed even if there are eg male & female
> duboulayi and male & female M.Fluviatilis in the same tank?


> Who can I get to help?

Most true hobbyists will help but most also will not like to be taken
advantage of - either financially or effort-wise.

> Do many mambers sell fish or tanks?

only those in excess to their needs.

> Will fish breed in mixed spec tanks

yes but success is very limited - and usually accidental. Accordingly this
is not recommended.

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