Re: [RML] Peter- Barry - Doug - Anybody

Dennis Holmes (dhdesign at
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 22:36:49 +1000

What I wish to do is have tanks set up with fish from varios areas EG-

tank #1 Gold Coast: Redcheek bows, pacific blue eyes, redfin rads, empire

tank #2 Sunshine Coast: Tincanbay duboulayi and blue fin Rads

Tank #3 Cairns: M.s.splendida M. maccullochi, M. trifasciata, Cairnsichthys
rhombosomoides, and Pseudomugil spp.

Tank #4 M.Fluviatilis and ?

Tank #5 Archers, scats (Smaller sp) (are the smaller Archers easy to obtain?

Maybe one for NT another for the Cape and one for NG

Where do the other Pseudomugils' come from?

Also will Melanotaeniidae cross breed even if there are eg male & female
duboulayi and male & female M.Fluviatilis in the same tank?

Who can I get to help?

Do many mambers sell fish or tanks?

Will fish breed in mixed spec tanks