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Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:43:26 +1000

Most of the Rainbows I have caught have been in Guanaba Creeks, just before
it meets Coomera river, These fellows where very sleek and dark blue
(unfortunately they jumped out of my tank through a 4mm gap that night)
The other large Rainbows I caught at Neranwood where larger and are green
through blue to yellow (top to bottom)

Is there no breeders or people who could direct me where to find good areas
to go catching On the Gold Coast.

Do you know where i can see a jpeg of a mop?

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> On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Dennis Holmes wrote:
>> if Fish where cought in mountain creek's compared to low land they should be
>> differant- what sort of distance would you say this would happen 10km 30Km
>> Say Springbrook to Coomera?
> Typically you need a longer distance than this. While I agree with Bruce's
> comments on there being differences within drainages I tend to think that
> these tend to be minor, or very hard to detect in many cases, although there
> are many well known exceptions. One problem with rainbowfishes is there are
> no, or at least very few generalisations one can make that will apply to them
> all! Mostly it depends upon the size of the drainage (Coomera River is piddly
> compared to say the Fitzroy), and also whether there might be waterfalls
> present (very important in the Atherton Tablelands region). Also too, some
> people seem to be better at finding differences between populations than
> others. :-) Some populations vary depending upon the time of year too, one
> year they'll bring back fish that are one colour, next year from the same site
> they will get one a different colour. Could just be due to limited sample
> size, or it may indeed be real. You will usually find more difference though
> between rivers, i.e., the Coomera and Nerang rivers than you will find within
> them.
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