Re: [RML] Rads & Rainbows VS ferral fish!

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I still think they are Gambusia - do the males have pink and green and blue
areas on their bodies and fins? If they are the same colour as the females
just smaller then they probably aren't Guppies.

The bigger rainbows are probably in the deeper and larger pools.

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Subject: [RML] Rads & Rainbows VS ferral fish!

> I've been visiting a small stream/creek at Nerang there are small red
> Bows and Red fin Rads and a variety of small gudgeons, i haven't ventured
> stream to see if the Rainbows are any larger(do they get larger or smaller
> up stream?)
> Anyway the creek (Crane) is also the home for sword tails and i'll say
> guppys because they look like the fish my son has- small males, large
> females with black on their belly.
> How can I help the natives.
> I know down stream towards Nerang river the creek is choked and there is
> only ferals, I also know they are travelling down Nerang river to mix with
> the blue eyes.
> I have 2 question, one is do bows (male) normally colour when they are
> 2cm long?
> Second is how can I help the natives survive?
> Dennis