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>How far from The Gold Coast would the closest M.fluviatilis be found
G'dqy Dennis,

The fluviatilis are on the western side of the Dividing Range. From the
Gold Coast you've got options to either go north then west on the logan
motorway to the Toowoomba or Warwich regions, or south to Murwillumbah,
then get to the Bruxner highway and up over the range. The Richmond and
Clarence catchments actually both have their upper reaches way up north of
their outlets to the sea, flowing south for most of their length before
turning east, so heading south then west you have to cross them before
getting to fluvie country. They both have duboulayis, so you won't get
fluvies until Temterfield.

Another way is to go across to Beaudesert via Tamborine, and up The Head
road to the source of the Condamine. But a warning. That's for the dry
season in winter only. The Head road is dirt, steep and a bit hairy, and
stops everyone sensible after rain. You could also go through Beaudesert ,
south on the Mt Lindsay Rd, and get to Tenterfield that way. The
Tenterfield area is elevated, very rocky, granite boulders everywhere,
with streams running through gorges and rough country. The water is pretty
cool so fluvies could be hard to find from now until about October

Your best bets are probably Toowoomba, looking in Cooby Creek north of
Toowomba, or streams on the Southern Downs.towards Warwick. Again, the
water will be cooling, and the fluvies likely to be deep and quiet. Also
be sure not to collect in the national parks near Cunningham's Gap.

All of those make for a long day from the Gold Coast, probably 5-6 hours
driving for the whole trip, plus finding and collecting time. An overnight
stop somewhere is probably your best plan.