Re: [RML] fine mesh sources

Mach T. Fukada (fukada at
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 17:15:33 -1000 (HST)

Hi Jennifer,
What type of rotifers? I have been fooling around with B. rubens.
It is, on the average, about 25-50% the size of artemia napuli. If this
works I gotta go down to the local K-MArt and see what they have. I am not
to hopeful as Maui's retail sucks.... May make harvesting faster. I am
using a 40-60 micron screen (however primarily to strain the greenwater to
prevent other cilliates from taking over the culture). I do recall one of
brine shrimp nets working, but I expect that it only caught the largest


>How are you enjoying life in our sunny capital?
>I know you already have heaps of replies, but I have one other suggestion.
>The fine curtain material that can be found readily at stores such as
>KMart in the sewing and fabric department is ideal for filtering even fine
>foods such as rotifers. It comes in many different mesh sizes, and is as
>cheap as chips:-)

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