[RML] Aquatic Survival call for articles

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Sat, 01 Apr 2000 19:26:02 -0700 (MST)

G'day folks

The Aquatic Conservation Network (ACN) was originally established in 1992 by a
group of people (primarily Rob Huntley). They had a vision of bridging the gap
between amateurs and professionals towards the goal of increasing resources
and communication between them to further our common cause towards the
conservation of the aquatic creatures we all love and enjoy so much.

One of the most successful outcomes from ACN was the production of it's
journal Aquatic Survival which was produced four times a year. Over time many
things changed since 1992 within ACN due to a variety of reasons (mostly lack
of personnel).

ACN is now taking quite a turn relative to how the organisation was formerly
run. The biggest change is that ACN's journal, Aquatic Survival is going to
be produced on the web and will be free and accessible to all. If you are
unfamiliar with our journal there are some old issues archived on the web via
http://www.acn.ca (click on Aquatic Survival). A new editorial team has been
assembled and hopefully will be expanded over time as further opportunities
arise. At present I will be overseeing this operation with Jim Lawson and
Roberta Steele [DSAC plus various aquatic hobby / conservation affiliations]
offering to act as editors / designers / producers etc etc, and Tom Webster
[DSAC] who will be in charge of graphics. We intend on establishing some
regular columns or features such as:

Aquatic Conservation Website Review (by Jay Delong [NANFA])
Conservation Currents: News from North America (by Chris Scharpf [NANFA])
Livebearer News (By Joshua Levy [ALA])

If other people have ideas for regular columns that they would like to
coordinate please let me know and we'll consider it. The frequency that
Aquatic Survival is produced will depend upon article submissions. The only
way this operation will continue is with your support and articles. We will
consider anything relating to conservation and the aquatic environment, either
original or reprinted (with permission). Articles can be submitted
electronically in pretty much any common format to me. Being web based,
colour reproductions are encouraged (with it being best to send original
negatives or slides).

This entire effort is being done largely to promote people's efforts to
conserve our aquatic heritage and to provide an outlet for their results.
Secondly, it is done to continue one of the initial goals of the Aquatic
Conservation Network, the non-commercial exchange of information with as many
folks as possible.

Anything you could contribute to this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Peter J Unmack peter.unmack at asu.edu
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