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Welcome to the archives of the Rainbowfish Mailing List (RML)! The RML had it's humble beginnings in May 1996 due to the efforts of Andrew Boyd and Alan Ford. The list is presently run by These archives were saved by Andrew Boyd and edited and maintained on this website by

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The email list was previously run via http://www.tip.net.au/mailman/listinfo/rainbowfish and there are old archives for posts after June 1st 2003 there as well, but you have to be a member of that list to view them and they are not searchable.

The list was created to allow people of the world to discuss the fishes of Sahul (Sahul is the terrestrial landmass of Australia and New Guinea during low sea levels). The RML has become world famous for it's fierce arguments, volumous spam covering everything under the sun, personal insults, and much more. Occasionally we even talk about fish. This list has some of the foremost experts on the keeping of Sahulian fishes from around the world. Now, YOU too can read about it all right here!

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