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NEW on American Society of International Law Wildlife Interest Group
Site <http://www.eelink.net/~asilwildlife>

* Research bibliography on the impacts of climate change (defined as
global warming and ozone depletion) on flora and fauna species and
critical ecosystems. The initial incarnation of the bibliography contains
more than 1500 citations, comprised almost entirely of peer-reviewed
materials. Future versions will include more grey literature citations.
The bibliography also will soon have a search engine and a PDF version
for easier downloading in its entirely. Suggestions for corrections or
additional citations can be directed to us at: asil at pacbell.net.
The URL for the bibliography is:

* Documents. The Group has started posting the full text of wildlife
treaties, memorandums of understanding, and other relevant documents. We
will try not to duplicate the efforts of others, but rather focus on
providing materials that are not easily accessible to researchers on other
websites. New documents include:

o Resolutions of the 51st Meeting of the International Whaling
Commission (http://www.eelink.net/~asilwildlife/cet.html);
o Memorandum for the Conservation of African Sea Turtles (CMS).

If you wish to be informed when future content is added to the site, as
well as information about the upcoming 5th International Wildlife Law
Conference, sign up for the Group's announcement list on the site.

Wil Burns, Co-Chairman
American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group
PMB 805, 2124 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
Phone: 510.317.0102
Fax: 510.317.0654
ASILwildlife at pacbell.net
http://www.eelink.net/~asilwildlife =

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