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Of interest to some perhaps.

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JOIN HelpAsia Email List at:
helpasia-subscribe at egroups.com or
helpasia-owner at egroups.com

HelpAsia is an academic / research list for people interested in issues and
problems of "Human Rights, Environment, Law and Peace" (HELP) in the
following ten (10) Asian / South Asian Countries:
1- Afghanistan 2- Bangladesh 3- Bhutan 4- China
5- India 6- Iran 7- Maldives 8- Nepal
9- Pakistan 10- Sri Lanka
This historical initiative for research, awareness and advocacy is open to
public and it is designed to raise critical issues and provide communication
links and a space for the exchange of information among researchers,
scholars, activists, writers, lawyers, academicians, journalists and
professionals interested in all forms of Human Rights, Environment, Law and
Peace (HELP) issues and initiatives. We seek to promote wide-ranging
multidisciplinary discussions on HelpAsia, which bring together a broader
group of natural and social scientists and practitioners than have so far
addressed issues facing the continent and region. HelpAsia list should also
serve as a network for researchers in discussing data sources, books and
other information resources about the above mentioned TEN countries.

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