[acn-l] DSAC Ash Meadows conservation trip final call

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:18:18 -0700 (MST)

G'Day folks

RE: Desert Springs Action Committee - Ash Meadows Conservation Outing Reminder

It is now time to start putting on the final touches for the Ash Meadows field
trip. Several new people have called with intentions on coming. I highly
recommend that you send in the required participation fee and call if you are
planning to come. Our numbers continue to grow and it is a pleasure to have
such fine turnouts. However, advance planning with firm numbers makes
everything go a little smoother.

Our trip is later in the year than usual, Nov. 6-8, due to various work
schedules. The weather in the Death Valley area is hard to predict, so bring
warm clothing (layered) and good work or hiking boots. Tents and sleeping bags
will be necessary. It can be chilly at night, but not overbearing. Long
comfortable, loose pants during the day will help with not getting scratches
and cuts, walking to springs through strong, short brush. Flashlights and a
pair of work gloves will go a long way in making that final fashion statement.
We all share in the work putting together a weekend that will be long
remembered. The original trip announcement can be found at the end.

Looking to see you all soon,

jim lawson, camp cook

=========== calendar

Nov. 5 - Thurs. - Travel day

Nov. 6 - Fri. morning
7:00 am to 7:45 -- breakfast call
7:45 am to 8:15 -- work assignments based on number of people in camp.
12:00 p.m. -- lunch break
6:00 p.m. -- pork rib and chicken BBQ fireside chat and sometimes night
duty netting exotics

Nov. 7 - Sat. morning
-- pretty much a repeat of Fri

Nov. 8 - Sun. -- If there is enough participation, Peter Unmack usually leads
the brave at heart on for more work until about lunch time.

The Desert Springs work party requires a RSVP. The work assignments start
first thing Friday morning Nov. 6.

============ original announcement.

Desert Springs Action Committee

Ash Meadows Work Party - NOV. 6-8, 1998:

During November 6-8 we will be undertaking conservation work at the Ash
Meadows Wildlife Refuge under supervision of Fish and Wildlife Service staff.

Our primary objective is the removal of non-native organisms including
dambusia, mollies, largemouth bass, crayfish, and bullfrogs. There will be
ample opportunity to see the native pupfishes and dace close up. We may also
have the chance to get a close view of the Devil's Hole pupfish, which usually
remains behind locked gates. Please note, no native fish may be removed from
the refuge as all are fully protected by the Endangered Species Act.

We will be camping outdoors near the work site, facilities are limited.
However, alternative accommodation is also available at the nearby Longstreet
Casino 1-(800)-508-9493. Ash Meadows is located seven miles, approximate,
north of the CA-NV border on Hwy. 373 and is clearly marked with signpost.
Turn right into the refuge, after going over a cattle guard some distance from
highway turn right at the second road. This leads straight into the ranger
headquarters, about 1/2 mile. Some cooking equipment will be made available
and Jim Lawson will be doing an outstanding effort as chef. Sharing items like
chips, snacks, and fresh fruit, our stay out there will be similar to a pot
luck, sharing items like chips, snacks, and fresh fruit. The main stay of our
foods will be provided by the Desert Springs Committee. A $20 stipend towards
the food is requested in advance and covers a two day menu with a special
barbecue Friday night. Please inform us if you need transportation. Car pools
may be organized if needed.

Contact for further information:

Peter Unmack, peter.unmack at asu.edu
Jim Lawson
802 Arlington Way
Martinez CA 94553

jelawson at ix.netcom.com
(925) 335 9346

Although registration forms are not formally collected, it is high
recommended that you RSVP your spot on the trip by mailing your check or
money order made out to Jim Lawson at the above address. The
non-refundable stipend is due October 9, 1998.

Thank you - Desert Springs Action Committee