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I figured I would forward this to the acn-l list just for general info.
The question originally appeared on the killie list and this was my
response to it. Feel free to add to it.

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On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Tomi Erik Salminen wrote:

> So, some sources say that some killie species are extinct in the wild
> and only survive because of killi keepers.

Are you referring to killikeepers specifically or anyone keeping the
fish? In terms of North America the only species I am aware of that are
extinct in the wild and still in captivity are in captivity because of
the efforts of a few such as the folks at the Universidad Autonoma de
Nuevo Leon, Mexico and the subsequent exchanges with a few American
zoos. Some of these fish have gotten out to aquarists but it is largely
the zoos that are trying keeping the fish going permanently in captivity.

> Can anyone give me more
> specific info on this? Is there a conservation effort of some kind going
> on? Please help me get the facts right.

Species include:

Cyprinodon alvarezi
C. longidorsalis
C. veronicae (I think may now be extinct in the wild)
Megupsilon aporus

There is also a few Goodeidae and Poeciliidae in the same boat and there
will be many joining them in the coming years from northern Mexico.


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