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The editors of The Green Disk -- a journal of contemporary
environmental issues published bimonthly on computer disk --
announced today the launch of a major presence on the World Wide
Web. The site is hosted by the Institute for Global
Communications, the home of EcoNet, and located at:

The site allows visitors to browse a review issue of the journal,
see sample listings from the Guide to Environmental Computing
v1.2 and explore eBase v5.1 (an 8500 page keyword-searchable
environmental encyclopedia). The site also describes submission
guidelines, issues on deck and allows visitors to easily submit
descriptions of their environmental project, resource, website,
meeting, etc., for listing in future issues.

Also provided in the site are answers to frequently asked
questions, reviews of The Green Disk, a profile of the editors
and contributors to the journal and a description of how The
Green Disk compares to and complements other environmental
information resources available on and off the Internet.

"The Web site allows us to fully demonstrate what The Green Disk
is all about," explains William Sugg, who launched the project in
1992 after working as a computer specialist and conservation
biologist for the Smithsonian, The Peregrine Fund and the
National Wildlife Federation. "Describing this resource requires
the kind of space and interactivity a Web site can provide. We
invite anyone who works as an environmental educator, writer,
activist or professional to stop by and explore, and to create
links from related Web pages to our site."

Please visit the site for more details or request the
FAQ/Brochure via email.

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