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1999 American Fisheries Society
August 29- September 2, 19999
Charlotte, North Carolina


"Integrating Fishery Principles from Mountain to Marine Habitats" Is Theme
of 1999 Annual Meeting


Symposia Proposals: 4 December 1998
Abstracts for Contributed Papers and Posters: 8 January 1999
Abstracts for Symposia Speakers: 12 February 1999

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) announces the first call for its 129th
Annual Meeting, to be held at the Adams Mark Hotel and Conference Center in
Charlotte, North Carolina. The meeting theme is "Integrating Fishery
Principles from Mountain to Marine Habitats." In the last quarter of the
twentieth century, public awareness of environmental issues has grown
exponentially and increased the demand for healthy aquatic ecosystems.
Fisheries scientists and managers have responded by broadening both the
disciplinary and geographic scope of their work. The fisheries professional
of today may have training in human dimensions, engineering, or veterinary
medicine as well as in traditional fisheries subjects. Fisheries
professionals frequently work in teams to address complex, large-scale
issues involving entire ecosystems. Organizers of the 1999 Annual Meeting
encourage all fisheries professionals to share their particular experience
and expertise. We also encourage participation by junior scientists and
students representing the diversity of our profession.

Contributed Papers and Posters

The scientific program will include two types of sessions: contributed
paper/poster sessions and symposia (including workshops or panel
discussions). Oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes; the
recommended format is a 15-minute presentation using 2"x 2" slides followed
by a 5-minute question-and-answer period. In symposia sessions, 2 time slots
(total 40 minutes) may be used for a keynote speaker or panel. This
flexibility will enable symposia organizers to develop the best program
possible while permitting attendees to take advantage of various
presentations in concurrent sessions.
The Program Committee for the 1999 AFS Annual Meeting invites abstracts for
contributed papers and posters. Abstracts must follow the required format
and must be received by 8 January 1999. Submissions by e-mail or 3.5"
diskette (MAC or DOS format) are highly encouraged.


Proposals for symposia will be accepted from individuals or groups. Topics
should be related to the 1999 meeting theme or be of general interest to AFS
members. Symposium organizers will serve as session moderators and will be
responsible for recruiting speakers and soliciting abstracts. Symposia
proposals should be submitted by e-mail or 3.5" diskette and must be
received no later than 4 December 1998. Proposals must comply with the
format for symposia described here. Organizers of provisionally accepted
symposia must submit a completed outline showing confirmed speakers and
titles before final acceptance on or before 15 January 1999. Abstracts for
approved symposia speakers (in the same format as contributed papers) are
due by 12 February 1999.

Format for 1999 Symposia Proposals

(1) TITLE: Brief but descriptive.

(2) ORGANIZER(S): Provide name, address, phone, FAX, and e-mail for all
organizers. Indicate by asterisk the name of the person who should be
contacted regarding acceptance and scheduling of the proposed symposium.

(3) DESCRIPTION: In 300 words or less, describe the problem addressed by the
proposed symposium, the objective of the symposium, and the impact the
proposed symposium will have on AFS members and participants.

(4) FORMAT: Indicate format and length of proposed symposium (for example, a
full-day session with 15 speakers followed by a 2-hour panel discussion; a
2-hour session with 5 speakers).

(5) MODERATOR: Identify who will serve as moderator for the symposium.

(6) AUDIOVISUAL NEEDS: List anticipated audiovisual requirements (for
example, a video cassette recorder projector or slide projector). Also, list
special seating requirements (for example, "After break a panel discussion
with seating for 10 panel members will be needed").

(7) SPEAKERS AND TOPICS: Using the following column headings, provide the
name, potential title or topic, and confirmed status for each speaker.

Name Title/Topic Confirmed (yes/no)



(8) SPONSOR(S): A sponsor is not required, but if applicable, indicate

Format for Abstracts

All abstracts for contributed papers, symposia, and posters must be
submitted electronically using the format depicted in the accompanying
example. Please keep titles brief but descriptive; list all authors, their
addresses, phone and FAX numbers, and e-mail addresses, and indicate the
presenter with an asterisk. The body of the abstract is restricted to 200
words. If you are submitting a contributed paper or poster, indicate your
preference for Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, or Oral Presentation
Preferred/Poster Presentation Acceptable. Poster submissions are highly
encouraged due to limited space available in the program. A poster session
will be scheduled to permit discussions between poster authors and
attendees. Also, please indicate which of the categories best fits the
concept of your abstract in the "Topic" line of the abstract. This will aid
the Program Committee in organizing contributed sessions and will prevent
conflicts with concurrent talks.

An Example Abstract for the 1999 AFS Annual Meeting

C. Andrew Dolloff* (USFS-SRS Coldwater Fisheries Unit, Department of
Fisheries and Wildlife, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0321;
540/231-4864; FAX 540/213-7580; afs99 at vt.edu)

Robert F. Carline (USGS-BRD Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit, School of
Forest Resources, 113 Merkle Building, Pennsylvania State University, State
College, PA 16802; 814/865-4511; FAX 814/863-4710; afs1998 at psu.edu)

Abstracts are used by the Program Committee to evaluate and select papers
for inclusion in the scientific and technical sessions of the 1999 AFS
Annual Meeting. An informative abstract contains a statement of the problem
and its significance, study objectives, principal findings, and key
conclusions. Abstracts should be 200 words or less and conform to the
prescribed format.

Topic: Fisheries management

Preference: Oral presentation preferred/poster presentation acceptable

Author(s)í Status and Association to AFS:

Name†††††††† Status ††††††††††† AFS Member

1. C. A. Dolloff professional yes
2. R. F. Carline professional yes

General Topics for Contributed Papers and Posters

Fisheries Management, Aquatic Communities and Ecosystems, Human Dimensions
of Fisheries, Policy, Education, Fish Health, Genetics, Physiology, Fish
Culture, Habitat and Water Quality, Population Dynamics, Statistics and
Modeling, Marine Fish Ecology, Freshwater Fish Ecology, Bioengineering,
Other (please specify).

Who to Contact

Submit all materials (symposium proposals, contributed paper abstracts, and
poster abstracts) via e-mail to C. Andrew Dolloff at afs99 at vt.edu. Format
all submissions in WordPerfect‘ (version 8.0 or earlier), Word‘ (version 6.0
or earlier), or ASCII; use a standard 12-point font and left justification
only. If you do not have access to e-mail, submit a 3.5" floppy disk or, as
a last resort, a hard copy to C. Andrew Dolloff, Department of Fisheries and
Wildlife, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0321. Late submissions and
facsimiles will not be accepted.

The American Fisheries Society does not waive registration fees for
symposia, workshop, or contributed session participants.