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Subject: New & Updated CRS Reports for September

New Congressional Research Service Reports on the CNIE Web.
17 new reports, 42 updated reports, 1 new reference book
in 47 sections)

An HTML version of this document can be found at

* Endangered Species: Continuing Controversy (9/15/98~15 p.)
* Automobile and Light Truck Fuel Economy: Is CAFE Up to Standards?
(9/15/98~8 p.)
* Dairy Policy Issues (9/14/98~8 p.)
* Electricity: The Road Toward Restructuring (9/14/98~13 p.)
* Wetlands Issues in the 105th Congress (9/14/98~10 p.)
* Soil and Water Conservation: Implementing the 1996 Farm Bill and
Other Issues (9/14/98~13 p.)
* Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: Implementation Issues (9/14/98~10 p.)
* The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: A Fact Sheet
* Population Assistance and Family Planning Programs: Issues for
Congress (9/11/98~11 p.)
* Research and Development Funding: Fiscal Year 1999 (9/11/98~17 p.)
* Federalism Legislation in the 105th Congress (9/11/98~16 p.)
* Peanuts: Policy Issues (9/11/98~11p.)
* The Department of Energy's Tritium Production Program (9/10/98~12 p.)
* The National Information Infrastructure: The Federal Role (9/10/98~11
* Science, Technology, and Medicine: Issues Facing the 105th Congress,
First Session (9/9/98~6 p.)
* Solid Waste Issues in the 105th Congress (9/8/98~6 p.)
* Agricultural Issues in the 105th Congress (9/3/98~16 p.)
* Federal Regualtory Reform: An Overview (9/2/98~15 p.)
* Clean Air Act Issues (9/2/98~8 p.)
* Amtrak and the 105th Congress (9/2/98~10 p.)
* Maritime Economic Regulation and the 105th Congress (9/2/98~9 p.)
* Meat and Poultry Inspection Issues (9/1/98~12 p.)
* The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (8/31/98~11 p.)
* The Budget for Fiscal Year 1999 (8/28/98~14 p)
* Energy Efficiency: Key to Sustainable Energy Use? (8/27/98~12 p. in 2
* Superfund Reauthorization Issues in the 105th Congress (8/27/98~10
* Cooperative R&D: Federal Efforts to Promote Industrial
Competitiveness (8/25/98~10 p.)
* Industrial Competitiveness and Technological Advancement:
* Debate Over Governmental Policy (8/25/98~25 p.)
* Environmental Protection Agency: An Analysis of Key FY1999 Budget
Issues (8/25/98~14 p.)
* Technology Transfer: Use of Federally Funded Research and Development
(8/25/98~10 p.)
* Environmental Protection Legislation in the 105th Congress
(8/24/98~10 p.)
* Restructuring DOE and Its Laboratories: Issues in the 105th Congress
(8/19/98~5 p.)
* Fishery, Aquaculture and Marine Mammal Legislation in the 105th
Congress (8/14/98~19 p.)
NEW Global Climate Change: Congressional Concern About 'Back Door'
of the 1997 U.N. Kyoto Protocol (8/10/98~5p.)
* Global Climate Change (8/10/98~13 p.)
* Nuclear Energy Policy (8/7/98~13 p.)
* The Natural Resources and Environment Function in the FY1999 Budget:
A Description of Programs and Funding (8/7/98~6 p.)
* Clean Water Act Reauthorization In the 105th Congress (8/6/98~10 p.)
* Water Quality: Implementing the Clean Water Act (8/3/98~14 p.)
* Global Climate Change Treaty: Summary of the Kyoto Protocol
(7/31/98~4 p.)
NEW Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (P.L. 105-178):
An Overview of Environmental Protection Provisions (7/31/98~6p.).
* Budget FY1999: A Chronology With Internet Access (7/23/98~12 p.)
NEW Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act of 1997: Selected Provisions
and Later Developments (7/9/98~4p.)
* The National Institute of Standards and Technology: An Overview
NEW Tracking Current Federal Legislation and Regulations: A Guide to
Basic Sources (5/7/98~11p.)
NEW Conservation Compliance for Agriculture:Status and Policy Issues
NEW How to Find Information in a Library (3/25/98~5p.)
* The National Institutes of Health: An Overview (3/13/98~6 p.)
NEW Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP):Status and Issues
NEW Endangered Species List Revisions:A Summary of Delisting and
Downlisting (1/5/98~22p. in 3 sections)
NEW Clean Water Act and TMDLs (9/11/97~7p.)
* Reintroduction of Wolves (8/1/97~5p.)
NEW Superfund and the Brownfields Issue (7/22/97~16 p. in 3 sections)
NEW Forest Roads: Construction and Financing (7/16/97~6p.)
NEW Wildlife Restoration Projects Fund (5/2/97~5p.)
NEW Federal Sales of Natural Resources:Allocation and Pricing Systems
NEW Effects of Flat Taxes and Other Proposals on Housing: An Overview

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